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Smöoth É – the best skin care products for acne-prone skin

Smooth-E is a unique combination of exotic Natural ingredients and dermatologist. Our aim is providing the most natural dermatologist solution to your Real Smooth Body. Having mastered and experience for over 30 years, Smooth-E is recognised by the consumer as a highly effective natural cosmeceutical product. The recognition held the number one sale position in pharmacies across Thailand.

Our cosmeceutical products manufactured only using natural pharmaceutical grade ingredients and advance technology process that guarantees effectiveness. The formulation insisted of medical and natural ingredients which design and tested for all skin types.

We believe that everybody has it own charm that shine bright and enlighten when ever emotionally right. Therefore, our technological research are to consistently and creativity find a new skin-novation that match your skin and body type. Having a dose of natural goodness daily, is our secret toward emotional therapies that made your charmingly real.

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